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Albcell.1 is a challenging puzzle that will push your brain to use logic and problem-solving in ways that you never have before!

Each puzzle ranges in difficulty and provides new opportunities to grow your brain.

Similar to Sudoku, which is beloved by millions, Albcell.1 will suck you in and won't let you out until you have completed the puzzle.

The range in difficulty levels makes this collection of puzzles perfect for anyone; from children to adults.

The healthy effects of logic-based puzzles on your memory, acuity, and overall wellbeing have been known for years, and now you can reap the benefits of these effects and share them with your friends and family with Albcell.1!

Perfect as a gift or a hobby for yourself, Albcell.1 is a must-have for any home.

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The Hybrid - E.K. Frances

Five Stars!

A world riddled with war, famine, and utter chaos has seen the destruction of human-kind at the hands of a superior being known as alphas. The alphas are now divided into light and darkness, and each alpha is assigned cores based on their individual traits.

Everything is about to change for thirteen-year-old Sebastian. Tomorrow is testing day; the day in which Sebastian will be sorted into the core that best suits him, and his side of light or darkness will be forever determined.

The outcome is not what Sebastian expects it to be. He is resolute to join the dark side of the academy and must choose whether to embrace the dark side of himself or cling to what is good and light.

As Sebastian learns more about himself and his destiny, he soon finds that he is more than he once thought himself to be; he is a hybrid, a quad-brid specifically, and will become the most powerful alpha of all.

The Hybrid is book one in The Hybrid Series, a powerful dystopian fantasy series that will grip your attention.

Author E.K. Frances creates vivid characters you are sure to love and a world that will envelop you from page one.

The Hybrid is a one-of-a-kind story that will stay with you forever.

Move over Divergent, and make room for The Hybrid!

- The Lost Chapter Book Review


Transcendence - Marsha Roopchand-Walker

Five Stars!

Transcendence by Marsha Roopchand-Walker is an extensive self-help book on dealing with stress and attaining self-acceptance. The book starts with some personal background about the author and what led her to write the book. It then launches into an extensive breakdown of mental health practices used by the author herself to improve general well-being and happiness.

Transcendence covers many aspects of mental health and how to prioritize mental health in your life. This includes a shift of mindset, being more understanding and forgiving of yourself, and being more grateful for every blessing in your life. The author also delves into how your physical surroundings can affect your mental health, such as your home or work environment and sleep schedule.

I thought that the book was very well written and easy to follow. It was able to approach solutions, or at least improvements, to conditions such as depression and anxiety. These suggestions are thoughtfully presented, without diminishing those who suffer from mental health struggles, or making the improvements seem too daunting. The book was delightful to read, and it never felt confusing or overwhelming. I also greatly enjoyed that all of the advice in the book was sensible and understandable.

Roopchand-Walker does a wonderful job of maintaining an amiable relationship with the reader throughout the book. She never seemed judgemental of people who are struggling, but instead seemed incredibly understanding and genuinely interested in helping. The people who would likely enjoy this book are people going through a tough time with their mental health, who may be looking for advice on how they could order their life to help improve mental well-being. Anyone struggling with depression, anxiety, or issues with self-love would benefit greatly from this book.


Super Tech Kids - Michael Butler

“I guess Blizzy Code saved the day.”

Michael Butler’s Super Tech Kids is a composition of short stories about children and the adults in their lives solving everyday problems through the use of Blizzy Codes. Everything in these kids’ lives – from making the basketball team to winning a presidential election – is made possible with the help of Blizzy Codes.

Inspiring readers to not only pursue their goals but to excel and share their gifts with the world; Super Tech Kids illustrates the many uses of Blizzy Codes and the broad reach and difference one person can make with essentially the click of a button.

Super Tech Kids includes fourteen short, relatable stories that illustrate the power and impact of modern technology in everyday situations.

They understand that it is not always the content of your message but the importance of getting your message to a broad audience; author Michael Butler encourages children and adults alike to embrace technology and use it to benefit themselves and their goals.

Super Tech Kids teaches children to use and master technology rather than avoid it in a constantly growing and evolving technology. Parents will learn to embrace technological world advancements and better understand the capabilities of Blizzy Codes.

While Butler’s stories may be fictional, the lessons and principles within are very real.

Michael Butler is an innovator in technology and has worked with technology, including Blizzy Codes, for years.

Embrace the future; read Super Tech Kids today.

Fancy Shop.jpg

Fancy Shop - Valeri Stanoevich

A collection of tales of the unexplainable…

Fancy Shop is a collection of tales of the strange and unexplainable. Lovers of fantasy and the mysterious will be enthralled with Valeri Stanoevich’s work.

Whether it’s a warrior prince who can call his servants to continue living beyond their death or a woman who inexplicably wakes up one day in a strange shop she knows nothing of, Fancy Shop never fails to make you question everything you know to be true.

Author Valeri Stanoevich expertly weaves prose that is perfectly strange and alluring - making you turn page after page until the end, and then craving more. A combination of the traditional and the paradoxical, Fancy Shop brings together everything you love in a story, and a world of thought and ponderance you have never before experienced.

Fancy Shop moves seamlessly from fantasy to reality; a collection of individual short stories that culminate to create one brilliant masterpiece!


Starting a Bed and Breakfast - Jon Nelsen

A succinct collection of advice from bed and breakfast owners.

Are you considering opening a bed and breakfast? Starting a Bed and Breakfast: Bite Sized Interviews WIth Successful B&B’s on Building Brand That Lasts by Jon Nelsen will save you the hassle of interviewing B&B owners and puts their advice, tips, tricks, recipes, and more right into your hands. 

Starting a Bed and Breakfast is organized, fun, and one-of-a-kind. 

Author Jon Nelsen has brought exceptional advice from successful owners, such as Brian and Mary of Ontario, Canada who state “It’s a lot more  work than you figured, and it ties you down during the busy season, make sure to take time for yourself and  your family.”

Bed & Breakfasts are a growing business, and Nelsen provides you with the answers to many questions associated with opening your own B&B. 

Jon Nelsen provides a much-needed service to those interested in opening their own B&B. 

Rather than giving the insight of one bed and breakfast owner, Starting a Bed and Breakfast gives you about one hundred short interviews from B&B owners from near and far.

If you are considering opening your own B&B, then Jon Nelsen’s Starting a Bed and Breakfast is a must-have!

Start your dream of owning your own B&B with advice from successful owners thanks to Jon Nelsen’s book, Starting a Bed and Breakfast: Bite Sized Interviews WIth Successful B&B’s on Building a Brand That Lasts!

Visiting Hour.jpg

The Visiting Hour - George A Thorn

“While I was in Rhode Park, I found out some things. Things you wouldn't believe.”

Five Stars!

The Visiting Hour is a gripping, heart-pounding story that will chill you to the bone! 

The abandoned prison of Rhode Park holds more than just memories for Jim Ridge, a priest and former inmate of the facility that is soon to be demolished. Inside the prison walls, Jim fights to save the souls of his old companions while attempting to stop the vile and notorious Francis McCready from escaping and unleashing unspeakable horror on the world.

Author George A. Thorn delicately creates a world through use of clever detail, intricate dialogue, and real characters. Before you know it, you feel as if you are inside the walls of Rhode Park!

The Visiting Hour is the spectacular tale of a man who has turned his life around, but must return to confront his past and face his demons - literally and figuratively.

The Visiting Hour is a haunting tale that will have you on the edge of your seat and sleeping with the light on. Once you start reading, you won’t be able to put it down.

George A. Thorn makes a spectacular splash in the world of horror with this incredible and suspenseful work filled with the haunting monsters that dwell behind prison walls, living and dead.

Add The Visiting Hour to your shelf this Halloween season!


BOGUS - Jill Ganger

Bogus, by Jill Ganger, is a fascinating medical thriller. It follows the life of a young man named Amad. Born in Libya, he grows to love his mother and resent his father. His father controls almost every aspect of his life, from his contacts to his education. He sends Amad to a training school in Afghanistan, where the intentions are less than ethical. Amad is determined to succeed. He quickly becomes one of the most successful students in the program, and begins to create plans of his own. He travels to Mexico, then the United States, under the alias of Miguel Elian. As he pursues a degree and a career, he tries to reconcile his own plans with the plans of his father. However, all across the United States, thousands of mysterious deaths are being reported. It is up to the CDC and the FBI to determine what is causing them, and what this could have to do with the reserved chemist named Miguel.

Bogus is well-written and very suspenseful; Amad’s plans and experiences will keep you guessing. Author Jill Ganger weaves a tale that steadily gives more and more details on Amad’s life, eventually,  you are able to see the whole picture come together. The measures he takes, the knowledge he gains, and the relationships that he forms are all a part of his ultimate goal. 

Bogus is an incredibly intelligent read for the thinking reader. Ganger keeps the plot fast-paced and captivating from start to finish. There’s an element of realism that engages the reader in Amad’s life and the lives of those around him, you will find yourself attached to the characters. 

The detail and strategy Ganger weaves into the plot is amazing. I appreciate the way Ganger sectioned the book into locations, as it helps the reader to follow the journey from Afghanistan to Mexico to the United States. I highly recommend it.


Wish - Victoria Harris

The world of Fae is real. It’s just beyond our sight, but it is there.

Cara and her sister Bri are having a difficult time since their father disappeared on a hiking trip. When their mother has complications while giving birth to their new baby brother, Cara and Bri are sent to stay with their grandmother for a while.

But on the way there, Cara remembers some of the stories her father used to tell her; stories of the fairies of the Fae and the Formors of the darkness. The more that Cara remembers, the more she begins to feel that her family may be hiding a dark secret. She begins to suspect that the creatures her father told her about may have had something to do with his vanishing, but is she willing to face the darkness to try and get him back?

A wonderful story filled with an element of Irish folklore, Wish is a refreshing fantasy read!

Author Victoria Harris has done an excellent job of creating interesting and likable characters that you will fall in love with; her vivid descriptions of the Irish countryside will pull into the pages to experience the world of Wish, the first book of The Otherworld series. 

Wish is an incredible story! A world of fantasy and imagination awaits anyone who opens its cover.

Harris has skillfully crafted a world of adventure that will make your child fall in love with reading all over again. 


Snow - E.W. Rhodes

Snow: The First White Christmas is the tale of an elf named Snow and how the first white Christmas came to be. Snow is a delicately woven tale with a dash of Christmas magic, and a lot of fun.

More than anything, Snow wants to be a part of Santa’s present delivery team this year, but it seems that he won’t get his wish after all. After sleeping off the hard work of making toys, Snow misses the sleigh and is left behind at the North Pole while Santa makes his deliveries.

But in his sorrow, Snow creates something beautiful that fills the world with joy and wonder - the first snowfall. Snow: The First White Christmas is a legendary tale of something beautiful coming from dark and difficult times - a lesson we can all learn from, and a story of Holiday dreams that is sure to be loved by the whole family.

The illustrations, done by Katrin Budeeva are spectacular and bring this magical story to life.

Snow is an incredible tale filled with amazement. E.W. Rhoades expertly crafts yet another children’s book that will be beloved for years to come.

Snow is sure to be a timeless tale that rivals all lovable children’s Christmas classics. With delightful characters, a touch of adventure, and a lot of magic, Snow: The First White Christmas will be the perfect addition to your holiday season.

Meadowbrook Hollow.jpg

Grandfather Rabbit's Scheme - E.W. Rhodes

Five out of Five Stars!

Welcome to Meadowbrook Hollow, a place filled with fun, adventure, loveable characters, and just a touch of mischief. Alex the rabbit is a curious sort, who loves to play, explore, and of course munch on carrots and other crops from Farmer Groucher’s farm. From making new friends to being chased by the farmer’s dog, Alex never disappoints to deliver excitement and adventure. But now, Grandfather Rabbit has a scheme, and the adventurous little bunnies are eager to join in his creative plot to deliver a little Easter-themed cheer.

If you enjoyed The Tale of Peter Rabbit, then you will love The Tales of Meadowbrook Hollow: Grandfather Rabbit’s Scheme. Author E.W. Rhodes has artfully crafted loveable characters and legendary adventures. The illustrations, done by Anastasia Khmelevska, beautifully bring the characters to life.

Grandfather Rabbit’s Scheme is one book, out of what I hope will be many, in a new and exciting children’s series that is sure to spark a sense of adventure and wonder. The Tales of Meadowbrook Hollow belongs on your child’s shelf, in your classroom, and anywhere else children can be found.

E.W. Rhodes has created a world that children will get lost in and enjoy for years to come. The Tales of Meadowbrook Hollow: Grandfather Rabbit’s Scheme is the must-have children’s book of the year!

Farmyard Animals.jpg

Farmyard Animals - E.W. Rhodes

“I am a bird who likes to walk, ‘gobble, gobble, gobble’ is how I talk.” With lines like these from Early Reader Rhyming Riddles: Farmyard Animals, your young readers will be shouting “TURKEY” with excitement and eagerly awaiting the riddle on the next page.

E.W. Rhodes knows the powerful impact that rhyming books have on young and developing readers, you will love watching your reader grow as they excitedly guess the animal in this highly engaging children’s book. The fun that kids are sure to have with animals, rhyme patterns, and a good old-fashioned guessing game is sure to make Early Reader Rhyming Riddles: Farmyard Animals a favorite for your little one!

There is nothing more magical than giving a young child a love for reading, and E.W. Rhodes has unlocked the recipe to do just that.

Farmyard Animals is beautifully illustrated and full of lifelike farmyard friends, with a suspenseful atmosphere that will keep young readers excited about each and every page.

Like all of the work of E.W. Rhodes, Farmyard Animals is highly recommended for parents with young children, learning readers, educators, childcare professionals, preschools, and anyone who wants to promote reading development and inspire a good time!


A Bushberry in the Garden - E.W. Rhodes

There’s a stranger in Meadowbrook Hollow, a critter with little round ears nibbling on a dandelion. Who could it be? As Grandfather goes to investigate, he soon becomes acquainted with the groundhog. Come join in the great lessons and adventures that await the fun little creatures of Meadowbrook Hollow in The Tales of Meadowbrook Hollow: A Bushberry in the Garden.

E.W. Rhodes brings wonder and adventure to life in the newest addition to the children’s series The Tales of Meadowbrook Hollow. With loveable characters, and a world of imagination, children will get lost in the tale of A Bushberry in the Garden.

With beautiful illustrations, done by Anastasia Khmelevska, it is impossible not to fall in love with the story and characters of A Bushberry in the Garden. 

Just as we have come to expect from E.W. Rhodes’ Meadowbrook Hollow series, A Bushberry in the Garden is pure gold - the perfect addition to your child’s shelf. 

The Tales of Meadowbrook Hollow: A Bushberry in the Garden is the perfect book to introduce your child to the Meadowbrook Hollow series, and open a world of fun and imagination that stays long after the last page is turned.

Making Princess.jpg

The Making of a Princess - S.B. Christian & E.W. Rhodes

The Rhyming Tales of Mimi the Moon Princess: The Making of a Princess immerses the reader in the tale of young Mimi and her new friend, Chandra, a lonely little buck from the nearby woods. Together, Mimi and Chandra discover the magic of the moon.

Filled with absolute magic and wonder, The Making of a Princess will captivate young readers--the poetic language and rhyming text make this take an utter joy to read for adults and children alike! 

With dual messages that dreams can come true, and that children can help to make the world more whole, The making of a Princess is both fun and inspiring. E.W. Rhodes and S.B. Christian have created a true children’s masterpiece that belongs in the hands of every child.

The gorgeous illustrations delicately bring the story to life and envelope you in a sense of wonder and amazement. Rhodes and Christian have designed a world of imagination that hasn’t been seen for decades, The Making of a Princess is a piece of magic you need in your home!

Even after reviewing dozens of children’s books over the last year, The Rhyming Tales of Mimi the Moon Princess: The Making of a Princess truly blew me away!

kids 30.jpeg

The Kids are Turning 30 - J. Knightstone

Five Stars!

Growing up and turning thirty isn’t always the dream that it’s cracked up to be, Prudence and Alejandro understand this all too well. 

In The Kids are Turning Thirty, the ugly side of trying to appease the attention-seeking masses that come with the glamorous life of an influencer is shown in full force by author J. Knighstone. It can be all to easy to find yourself too far down a destructive path, and how hard it can be to claw your way back out.

I have never read a book quite so bold and blunt as The Kids are Turning Thirty - it is one of the most intriguing books of the year!

Alejandro and Prudence are relatable and lovable characters, who face misfortune and struggles just like the rest of us. A lifestyle that is so glamorized in today’s world shows to be everything but glamorous in this hard-hitting contemporary novel 

The Kids are Turning Thirty is the perfect antonym for nostalgia, a realistic tale of some of life’s valleys. The sensations described with the addictive, substance-fueled lifestyle of Alejandro are vivid, the scenes are brought to life and in an instant, you are a part of the story - living within the pages.

Knightsone expertly dictates the tone of the book, increasing your heart rate at will and making you turn page after page wanting more of the story. 

The Kids are Turning Thirty is emotional, shocking, and a one-of-a-kind masterpiece!

I rated it five stars because I couldn’t give it six!


The Illustrated Colonials - Tom Durwood

Tom Durwood’s ‘The Illustrated Colonials’ encompasses a three-part series following the lives of six young ‘colonials’ of vastly varied backgrounds, ethnicities, and viewpoints. In Book 1, The Pact, we are introduced to our six main characters, and learn about their backgrounds, status in society, and their call to adventure that ends with each of them attending the school for young monarchs. Called together for a common purpose, the young colonials quickly become friends and pursue life, liberty, and equality. The connection between the six colonials perseveres throughout the trilogy, and together the friends seek to aid the global cause of community and natural rights, no matter the cost. 

The Illustrated Colonials is an ambitious historical fiction that delivers a mighty message to young readers. While much of United States history is told by Americans to Americans, about Americans, it is important to understand the United States and its history within a global context. Instead of focusing on the United States as a separate entity, works like The Illustrated Colonials place America within a larger, more accurate, and more inclusive worldly narrative. 

Driven by dialogue, The Illustrated Colonials is fast-paced and immerses the reader in realistic history. The main characters are fully fleshed out and relatable. Young readers will see themselves in one, if not several of the friends and become a part of their journey. An interesting coming of age story, where the young heroes are in a position to impact history on a global level. The beautifully rendered illustrations add an additional layer to the story and are sure to keep readers attention. 


The Assignment - Frederick Fedri

5 out of 5 stars!

The Assignment, Book One of The Adventures of Fearless Fredd (with two D’s)! by Frederick Fedri takes the reader on a wild journey through his childhood. Fredd, as he calls himself, grew up in the 50s in upstate New York. Like a lot of young boys, he’s rocket obsessed and has a knack for getting into trouble. From getting a new baby in the house to competing in a school competition, there are a lot of challenges for him to overcome. He struggles with honesty and organization but learns from the lessons that life throws at him. He idolizes T.V. heroes, confronts his parents about the gremlin in the attic, helps NASA get to the moon, and puts on an interesting performance for his school principal. Fredd’s adventures are equally crazy and entertaining.

This book is full of good, clean, innocent fun. It is very well written, taking the reader through childhood’s ups and downs. It’s hard to tell what Fredd is going to do next, but you can’t wait to find out. Valuable life lessons- honesty, kindness, and preparedness - are woven into every sentence. As Fredd grows and learns, so does the reader! Author Frederick Fedri has done an incredible job by making The Assignment a book that is real, emotional, and absolutely entertaining!

The glossary brings these moments to life by explaining some of the less-known details. It’s easy to get caught up in the setting and the time period. Some of the stories feel almost like memories, reminding you of your own schoolyard shenanigans.  It’s impossible not to laugh along as baby brothers, rocket ships, and class competitions lead to unexpected twists. The illustrations are very well done and add to the overall story. There aren’t any spelling or grammar issues. I would highly recommend this book to any family!

Get The Assignment for your child or classroom today!

Queen Ogo.jpg

Queen Ogo and the Arrow from the Black Pope - Ike CHarles Okwuobi

Queen Ogo and the Arrow from the Black Pope by Ike Charles Okwuobi reveals the history of the

Ibo people and their enormous impact on American democracy. It uses the stories of many to

jump through history, from 1619 to the modern-day. It begins in the town of Asaba with

sixteen-year-old Buchi, a young boy who has an important role in protecting his people against

the soldiers of Benin. As the story progresses, Buchi discovers one of their leaders working with

Benin and uses himself as a distraction. Asaba is pushed into a war earlier than expected. The

Benin commander was captured, but not before troops were able to escape with many captives. After they leave, Buchi becomes a very important figure in Asaba, and his daughter, Ogo, carries on his legacy. As they interact with Americans through Mungo Park, they discover just how much the progressive system of the Ibo people has impacted the United States.

Queen Ogo and the Arrow from the Black Pope is very well written and researched. Okwuobi uses a variety of perspectives to paint a picture of a culture that everyone should learn about. It illuminates the enormous effect of the African slave trade on the current functioning of the U.S. and the concept of American Exceptionalism. Even recent events, such as the capitol riots, have struggled with issues and ideas that were established several hundred years ago. Okwuobi does a brilliant job of connecting these similarities, even across vast oceans. The use of multiple characters and time periods helps to paint the whole picture in a remarkable way. The illustrations are well done and contribute to the story.  The ending is powerful and thought-provoking.

As a whole, Queen Ogo is extremely interesting and I recommend it to others. A powerful piece of literature by Ike Charles Okwuobi that everyone needs to read.

The Apocalypse.jpg

The Apocalypse - Ike Charles Okwuobi

The Apocalypse by Ike Charles Okwuobi is a science fiction novel set in a post-apocalyptic world. A woman, Athena, emerges from a bunker into a world changed by catastrophe. Athena must brave and navigate a new world with new norms, rules, and ideology. Survival and steps toward a future with quality of life becomes a challenge, the politics of these concepts become the center of debate. Eventually, Athena is sent into a different time and a different place, with hope of finding a better life. The result, however, is far different than she thought, and she finds new meaning in life.

The Apocalypse is a thinking person's sci-fi suspense novel, you will find yourself wrapped in the text and enveloped in the story. Okwuobi has done an excellent job utilizing cliffhanger-like points to allow the reader's imagination to take over, leaving a sense of suspense wonder, along with a craving for more. Okwuobi has skillfully crafted a plot filled with suspense, a dash of danger, and a touch of emotion. You will bond with the characters of The Apocalypse while turning page after page. 

The Apocalypse is a thrilling dystopic masterpiece.


Satire with Ike - Ike Charles Okwuobi

Satire with Ike by Ike Charles Okwuobi is a composition of twenty-seven short stories or skits, ranging across several topics. From Mr. Wonderful, the miracle healer, and male enhancement supplement peddler, to Ted Cruz, Frank Sinatra, speeding tickets, and everything in between, no topic is out of bounds in Okwuobi’s satirical pieces. With a delicate balance of political and social commentary and humor, Okwuobi gives readers something to think about while simultaneously entertaining. 

This quick read by Okwuobi feels like listening to a late night talk show, complete with short bits on culturally and socially relevant topics, with appropriate bouts of humor. Good humor is hard to find nowadays, and Okwuobi has done an incredible job with creating genuine humor. Combining caricatures of American and African cultures and social norms, Satire with Ike is a fast-paced and fun read for all - get a copy for your nightstand, and enjoy the humorous worlds Okwuobi has created!

12 weeks.jpg

Twelve Weeks to Midnight - Steve Searfoss

Twelve Weeks to Midnight Blue by Steve Searfoss is the first book in a new riveting children’s series about a group of kids who start a business over the summer and learn about entrepreneurship along the way. It is a book of exceptional quality that will provoke learning and growth, and foster a desire for success and achievement in children - traits that are much-needed in today’s world.

I truly enjoyed this book, author Steve Searfoss expertly combines entertainment with education. Searfoss breaks down concepts like profit margin and the early life of a small business into elements that a child can understand without being overwhelming or overly simplistic. Good business basics and a growth mindset are hard to come by, Searfoss shares these important concepts with our children - the future leaders and entrepreneurs of our world.

Twelve Weeks to Midnight Blue also depicts good business sense and good business practices that should be emulated by businesses everywhere. Overall, it is a very good read that presents children with adult concepts and makes them relatable and understandable to kids. I see great potential in this book and the KidVenture series. Get Twelve Weeks to Midnight Blue in your child’s room or classroom today!

The Pit.jpg

The Pit - Travis Ruhland

4 out of 5 Stars!

Travis Ruhland’s The Pit takes readers on an economic journey, and begs the radical question, “what if we were not slaves to the almighty dollar?” Making the bold declaration that money is obsolete, Ruhland articulates problems with our current monetary system of incentivizing and controlling the populace through money. 

In this critique of the modern pay-to-play system of survival, Ruhland covers a multitude of topics, including, but far from limited to: the purpose of money, human motivation, and the perils of our need to acquire through monetary gain. It’s been suggested before, but never quite this thoroughly: is money really the root of all evil? The Pit is an innovative work on non-fiction that informs and challenges systems that we have blindly accepted for years.

The Pit uses research, data, and the thoughts of finance major Travis Ruhland, who pulls no punches in calling attention to the flaws and injustice of our government and system of economy.

Thought-provoking and powerful, Ruhland forces the reader to question what they know about money, themselves, and the world around them. Thoroughly detailed and supported by research on human motivation, Ruhland’s work is sure to leave you pondering whether a better world is truly possible and if the answer is right under our noses. Ruhland tackles a heavy and somewhat tedious topic, and turns it on its head, making it easily digestible and entertaining to read, a feat unaccomplished by many books covering the same material. 


The Afterthoughts - Rene Fenner

The Afterthoughts is a truly one of a kind supernatural thriller. Resi Kepler is shocked and outraged by the violence of a domestic terrorist group known as The Wolves. Their violence seems to know no limits as they target men, women, children, and most noteworthy - the hospital. In the midst of violence, something else is happening… One night, Resi has a peculiar dream, as if she is watching first-person memories. The dreams become a startling reality when Resi realizes that the person whose memories she was seeing is dead.

A gripping page-turner, The Afterthoughts will keep you wanting more. Author Rene Fenner skillfully crafts action, suspense, and raw emotion with each word. Vivid characters and exceptional dialogue will envelope you in the story and send your imagination running wild. Rene Fenner is a master of storytelling. You have never read a book like The Afterthoughts and never will again!

Study Habits.jpg

How to Improve Study Habits - Christine Reidhead

How to Improve Study Habits by Christine Reidhead is a comprehensive guide to improving one’s study habits. Reidhead’s book is so much more than expected, it covers a wide array of material from study spaces and times, to types of learners, and methods based on your study type. 

I was particularly impressed with setting a study space, and setting a time to study as this information is often overlooked. The information Reidhead provides is accurate, well-researched, and easy to implement. How to Improve Study Habits is a book that will change your education for the better. I recommend Reidhead’s book for anyone who is a student. How to Improve Study Habits is the perfect gift for your graduate, pick up a copy today!


Cetus Wedge - K.A. Bachus

Cetus Wedge by K.A. Bachus is the second book in the Charlemagne Files series. A former air force pilot, Steve Donovan, is suddenly promoted to a special assignment. For his first mission, he must uncover the motives behind a recent string of deaths and reveal the conspiracy that hides behind, and of course, be home in time for Christmas. Donovan soon finds that he is surrounded by corruption, and every choice could turn deadly.

Cetus Wedge was very interesting, a story unlike any other. The steady pace of Bachus’ writing will keep you turning page after page wanting more. Dirty politics, corruption, murder, and mystery all shroud the plot of Cetus Wedge, which is cleverly revealed by detailed and intricate writing. 

Bachus cleverly weaves complexities into the plot that you did not expect, making the story take yet another potentially deadly turn.

Cetus Wedge is a mystery for deep thinkers, a true depiction of the words “espionage”, “corruption”, and “dirty”. Bachus delivers a complex plot that leaves the reader thinking and wanting to read more. If you love action, mystery, conspiracies, and an exceptional story - Cetus Wedge is for you!

Brevet Wedge.jpg

Brevet Wedge - K.A. Bachus

The life of a spy is filled with such fear and unrest, that it would shake even the strongest of people; and it can be experienced first hand in book 3 of the Charlemagne Files series, Brevet Wedge by K.A. Bachus.

Leo had finally been able to find some normalcy in his life as of late; able to calm things down. However, this feeling doesn’t last long. One day, he comes home and finds two men in a car, parked in front of his house. Upon entering he finds two more men inside his house; the Frenchman Lous and his associate Steve. Before he knows it, he is being pulled into a mission that he doesn’t want to be a part of, with men he doesn’t fully trust.

After a briefing in a nearby safehouse, Leo is given his assignment and the trio are off, in Leo’s worn down old car, to find the target. With every moment that Leo progresses in his new mission, a looming sense of danger grows stronger as he fears that his associates will in turn kill him too.

Brevet Wedge was a brilliant combination of suspense, mystery, and action. Author K.A. Bachus pulls you into an amazing world as you watch the intricate plot unfold before you. You will find yourself on the edge of your seat, as you struggle to decide who can be trusted, and who cannot. 

Brevet Wedge is brilliant, with likable characters and a plot that will leave you wanting more!

Lion Tamer.jpg

Lion Tamer - K.A. Bachus

Book four in the Charlemagne Files series, Lion Tamer, is a thought-provoking espionage-based thriller that doesn’t pull any punches on sexism and real-world problems.

Agent Barbara Kemp has finally gotten her big chance; the chance to move out of the minors and into the big leagues. She has been given the challenging assignment to pose as a babysitter, providing critical information to the world’s most elite team of agents and assassins. 

She arrives on her plane and immediately has to deal with the doubts of a male colleague who does not believe in her ability to complete the task. Once eager to prove herself, Kemp is now filled with doubt - did she take on more than she can handle? It seems that the organization she once had much faith in, is now crumbling apart and she is caught in the middle.

Lion Tamer immediately pulls you into a world of adventure and tension. Following a real and relatable protagonist who has already had to fight her way through so much sexism and bigotry to get where she is at the beginning of the story, you will be emotionally drawn into the plot from page one. 

Agent Barbara Kemp is phenomenal, someone to look up to. 

Author K.A. Bachus knows what readers want, and she delivers!

Kemp is the kind of character that can be related to by so many people today, and the reader can connect with the struggle she endures as she fights to prove herself. Her adventures throughout the book are real - Lion Tamer is a true thriller that will stay in your mind forever. 

Lion Tamer is a brilliant work of art from author K.A. Bachus.

State of Nature.jpg

State of Nature - K.A. Bachus

State of Nature by K.A. Bachus is the fifth book in the Charlemagne Files series. In this contemporary espionage thriller,  Mara Sobieski gets a visit from a former enemy who is now running for his life and must rely on Mara to keep him alive, at least until he finds somewhere safe to stay. Mara’s decision to help goes against the wishes of her family and the reputation that goes along with the family name. 

Now, Mara must fend off attacks to do what she feels is right, and every step becomes more perilous. Mara struggles to survive the chaos created between colleagues, family, and enemies both old and new in the decision of a lifetime.

Far more than your average espionage-based thriller, State of Nature brings a human element that only K.A. Bachus can bring to a novel. Throughout the journey, you can feel the tensions rise between characters as you eagerly turn pages.

K.A. Bachus knows how to brings characters to life, and adds a much-needed dramatic element to a plot already filled with suspense and excitement. The dynamic between characters is gripping and real, you’ll find yourself emotionally invested and thinking about the story long after the final page is turned. 

State of Nature is a truly impressive work of suspense that carries on the high standards of K.A. Bachus and the Charlemagne Files series.

State of Nature along with the entire Charlemagne Files series belongs on your shelf!

Spiritual Healing.jpg

Spiritual Healing for Women - Sara Ahavah

You’ve heard all of the worldly advice about improving your finances: budget, don’t overspend, always keep an eye out for new and better paying positions, start a side hustle. Whether you heed all of this advice or not, Sara Ahavah’s A Conversation With the Sages - Spiritual Healing for Women: You Can Heal Your Heart and Improve Your Financial Wellbeing offers a spiritual perspective as to why you might not be as financially secure as you would like to be, and steps you can take to resolve your money problems. 

A healed heart will allow you to approach work with a good, loving attitude, and an ability and willingness to work with others. Pairing spiritual treatment alongside career development will allow the reader to achieve financial wellness. 

Covering a wide array of topics, including forgiveness, eliminating negative beliefs, and developing skills for useful services, Ahavah illustrates the difference a healed heart can make. 

Using personal experiences, Ahavah details the effects that forgiveness, prayer, and gratitude had in her career and financial journey, and the benefit that seeking healing can have on your finances. 

Ahavah cuts out meaningless dribble and gets to the core of real-life problems and provides practical, spiritual solutions.

Whether you are struggling with one pervasive issue or several, a wide range of affirmations for meditation on specific areas that may need healing in your life are outlined and will make the perfect addition to a current prayer, reflection, and gratitude routine. 

A Conversation with the Sages - Spiritual Healing for Women is a powerful tool that belongs on your shelf!


A Conversation with the Sages - Sara Ahavah

“Sooner or later we discover the quest is hopeless since no material object is capable of satisfying the spiritual self that is disconnected from the source of life.”

A Conversation with the Sages is a rare opportunity to take the first step on a path toward happiness, love, and success. Author Sara Ahavah expertly separates the physical from the spiritual, and helps the reader to shift their focus to matters of a spiritual nature - which ultimately lead to love and happiness.

On a journey of spiritual growth, A Conversation with the Sages will teach you harmony and peace; all that is required is a little time and dedication. If you want to live in success, joy, and love, then start on your journey of spiritual growth today with A Conversation with the Sages.

Ahavah delicately calls out erroneous understandings of love, beautifully articulates what love actually is, and provides the steps we can take in our own lives toward truly living in love. 

Call it self-help or a spiritual journey, A Conversation with the Sages is a must-read! A deep and thought-provoking work that is well worth the buy!

Revolution for Love.jpg

Revolution for Love - Kati Niemi

Five Stars!

Relationships are hard work. When do you give up, and when do you fight for your marriage?

Revolution for Love shows real-life struggles when trying to make a decision between getting a divorce or staying in the marriage and includes practical applications of valuable concepts. Author Kati Niemi provides exceptional wisdom for relationships, such as when to listen to emotions and how to think of rational thinking, how to have respectful communication and find a common good, and more. Niemi provides a key point that parents need to show their children what a healthy relationship between two loving adults looks like.

Revolution for Love will help couples make decisions for their future. Kati Niemi understands that relationships aren’t always black and white and helps the reader weigh the pros and cons of their potential decisions.

From decision-making to common questions, Revolution for Love has it all! Packed with real stories from real people, this book is a must-read for anyone who is looking for help and support in their marriage.

Revolution for Love is a much-needed resource in today’s world! Add a copy of Revolution for Love to your shelf today, read it, and share it with others. This book will help you find yourself, and help you stand tall - whether on your own or with someone at your side.

Kati Niemi’s personal experiences with her ex-husband show what respectful communication looks like, and the way she prioritizes her children is inspirational!

Anyone who has struggles in their relationship, and we all do, needs to read Revolution for Love.


Rapunzel and her Golden Hare - Pauline Fedri

Rapunzel and Her Golden Hare by Pauline Fedri tells the story of a little girl and her hypo-allergenic bunny. After finding out that every animal makes her sniffle, her mother seeks help from an eccentric sewer named Miss Wizardry. Along with her special toy, Rapunzel gets the opportunity to spend the summer in a cottage by the sea. She learns about the amazing world around her and even makes a new friend, a little boy named Vince. From braving giants to mending Humpty Dumpty, every adventure they have is wild and imaginative. 

While Rapunzel isn’t threatened by an evil witch or rescued by a knight in shining armor, there is plenty of adventure to keep her busy. The biggest challenge of all comes when Hare ends up in danger.

Rapunzel and Her Golden Hare is filled with loveable characters and exciting adventures that differ from the story of Rapunzel you have heard before. The humor will keep you laughing while the engaging plot makes the story impossible to put down. Summer vacation and ‘playing pretend’ are experiences that every child understands and every parent remembers. Readers will learn about the importance of imagination and close friends. Just like in most fairy tales, every character can have a happy ending of their own. 

Besides, with a magically handcrafted bunny, there are no sneezes here! Children with unique circumstances, such as allergies, will understand Rapunzel’s struggles and just how special Hare is. The illustrations are full of detail and bring the story to life without detracting from the text. Miss Wizardry’s cottage and the beanstalk are depicted with amazing color and texture. Do your child a favor, share the wonderful story of Rapunzel and Her Golden Hare with them!


Our Idiosyncrasies - Sanober H. Irshad

Our Idiosyncrasies by Sanober H. Irshad is a composition of twelve short stories, ranging across several topics. From the matchmaker aunty, with an eye to setting up any single person that crosses her path, to various types of social media users and online daters, overly intrusive strangers, and well-intentioned but behind-the-times family members, Irshad creates a wide array of interesting characters, sure to entertain. 

Through these characters and events, Irshad provides an intimate look into culture. With a delicate balance of social commentary and humor, Irshad’s satirical pieces give readers something to think about while simultaneously keeping them entertained. 

Our Idiosyncrasies is beautifully crafted, intelligent, and an absolute pleasure to read.

With many colorful and fascinating characters, Irshad immerses the reader in culturally and socially relevant topics from marriage and procreation to curses and legends. Every character introduced in Irshad’s flash fiction will almost certainly bring to mind someone from your own life, and shine a light on the sometimes bizarre and peculiar way in which we interact with one another. 

As the title promises, Irshad delivers short bits of insight into these peculiarities and delightfully illustrates that across individuals, families, and even cultures, we all have idiosyncrasies. A fast-paced, enjoyable read, Irshad’s stories will resonate with readers of all ages, genders, and cultures.  

Lost in the Vast.jpg

Lost in the Vast - Chelsea Thornton & Travis Brown

How much do we really know about the ancient civilizations that came before our own? What kind of power did they possess? These are the questions that Alexis, her brother Cole, and their good friend Trent are seeking to answer in Lost in the Vast by Chelsea Thornton and Travis Brown. 

Alexis had only just gotten home from a trip to Egypt when her brother Cole decided to drag her down to Mexico to meet up with their friend Trent. When they meet up, Trent explains that he has found an undiscovered ancient Mayan temple, and shows an ancient ring to prove his claim. In search of knowledge and a window into a new world, the friends embark on a journey to find this hidden wonder and uncover its secrets. However, while making their way through the jungle to the temple, they soon find that things may not be what they seem, and the artifacts of the temple hold hidden secrets they could never dream of. These secrets are not easily controlled though, and may lead to greater trouble than they are worth.

Lost in the Vast has an art for grabbing the reader's attention. From the beginning of the book, it is clear that the plot is not as simple as it may first appear on the surface, and this leads to a heightened sense of mystery and intrigue for the reader. It keeps the reader on the edge of their seat, because anything that seems even slightly out of place may be a key component to the mystery of the hidden city. 

Authors Thornton and Brown skillfully build suspense throughout the story by building on the already ominous aura of the book by having characters question themselves and their own sanity, which leads the reader to question whether things actually happened, or if the character just imagined it. As the characters draw closer to their destination, the underlying sense of dread seems to mount until it is unavoidable. 

The ever-growing suspense, combined with the eeriness and unnatural feel of the location leads to moments of genuine terror. The authors do a brilliant job of pulling the reader into the fear alongside the characters and making them share in the suspense, awe, and panic that the characters are feeling. 

Lost in the Vast is an exceptional book, particularly for those who enjoy a mystery with elements of fear and wonder. You will be drawn into the story and become emotionally invested in the characters and plot.The mysterious intrigue of this well-written and well-paced adventure story will keep you wanting more!

Strategically with Joy.jpg

Living Strategically with Joy - Jehiel Zif

Five out of Five Stars!

“Does it make sense to plan our future, or should we just adjust our life based on continuous learning and developing circumstances?”

Living Strategically with Joy is the memoir-esque book of life lessons and strategic living. Written by Jehiel Zif, Living Strategically with Joy is a powerful work of non-fiction that follows Zif’s life from childhood in Tel Aviv, the havoc brought on by war and the holocaust, and a journey to America in search of a better life. 

More than just a memoir, Living Strategically with Joy is a guidebook on how to implement strategic strategies and concepts into your own life, just as Jehiel Zif did years ago. Zif begins with a solid introduction and introduces concepts such as when change is necessary, being proactive to impending change, and the necessity to balance personal life. With a foundation rocked by war and conflict and family death in the holocaust, Zif saw the need for self-leadership in a chaotic world.

Each chapter tells more pieces of Zif’s incredible life story and adds strategic concepts and lessons for review at the end. Lessons such as positive thinking, setting goals, and preparing for change only scratch the surface of Living Strategically with Joy. In an easy to understand, yet strategic manner, Zif shares concepts much more thoroughly than other books of this variety.

Eventually, Zif moved to America to earn his MBA and encountered many challenges and struggles with language, culture, and life in the United States. Some examples are whimsical and humorous, while others are sad and meaningful. But, as Zif stated, “Difficult periods in life are inevitable.”

Living Strategically with Joy is highly recommended! With a writing style that resembles that of Elie Wiesel, you won’t want to stop turning page after page! Jehiel Zif poured emotion, strategy, and deep meaning into his work, this impressive book belongs on your shelf. Living Strategically with Joy blew me away!

Resilient Children.jpg

How Parents can Raise Resilient Children - Frank Dixon

Frank Dixon’s How Parents Can Raise Resilient Children provides readers with a short, easily digestible overview of resilience, and what parents can and should be doing to encourage this trait in their children. Resilience--the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, and other significant sources of stress--is a characteristic that every parent wants their child to have when trouble arises. 

Dixon has aptly distilled the most critical information regarding resilience into this quick read. At just 60 pages, parents can quickly and confidently learn the basics of resilience and begin implementing the simple steps with their children. How Parents Can Raise Resilient Children is perfect for parents on the go, with limited free time, or with no time to waste!

While resilience can be a cumbersome and complicated topic, Dixon’s How Parents Can Raise Resilient Children provides a broad overview and walks parents seamlessly through the importance of resilience, and provides simple and direct methods for initiating, cultivating, and empowering children to become resilient in a tough world. The content is well organized and effectively broken down into small, easy-to-understand topics. 

Clear and concise, Dixon avoids the pitfalls that other, too-technical texts exhibit by explaining his concepts in simple terms that parents can comprehend. A quick, enjoyable, and informative read, every parent can learn something from How Parents Can Raise Resilient Children to better the lives of their children. 

Eclipse Rising.jpg

Eclipse Rising - S. Kirk Pierzchala

Five out of Five Stars!

Eclipse Rising is S. Kirk Pierzchala’s second installment detailing the landscape of the near-future: a world dominated by technology and chemical dependency. 

Saved from near-death, Tomás Chen-Diaz begins his life anew with the power and responsibility of running his family's business, a task that had previously been his elder brother’s legacy before his alleged suicide. Although his future seems bright, Chen-Diaz is soon confronted with a myriad of difficult circumstances, and his problems are only compounded by his desire to protect family secrets. 

Although Eclipse Rising explores and highlights a world of advanced technology and surveillance, the characters remain decisively human and ultimately relatable for the reader. The plot is expertly immersed in a technologically advanced world, while the characters, in their unique and complex personalities and development, drive the story forward to a satisfying conclusion. 

With vivid imagery, an extraordinary sense of time and place, and prose that is almost poetic at times, Eclipse Rising captivates and entertains. The ending is well-done and leaves Eclipse Rising lingering in your mind.

Pierzchala skilly develops a plot that leaves you turning page after page. The development of Chen-Diaz from start to finish is truly exceptional, Eclipse Rising is a one-of-a-kind thriller that sci-fi lovers will enjoy.

Diva Magic.jpg

DIVA Magic - Nancy Franklin-Wright

Diva Magic by Nancy Franklin-Wright is a children’s book for young girls, specifically ages 4-8, who might need a little boost of confidence in their life. Being a kid is hard, with plenty of new challenges and tough days ahead. Author Nancy Franklin-Wright understands the challenges young girls face, and expertly shares a touch of DIVA magic to remind our society’s girls that they are Daring, Inspired, Victorious, and Awesome. 

In the world of children’s literature, there are few books with such brilliantly inspirational text that conveys such an important message in such a fun way. Young girls need to be reminded of their DIVA magic, especially at such an early age - I applaud Nancy Franklin-Wright for sharing Diva Magic with the world. The illustrations are beautiful and engaging but do not detract from the text. Diva Magic is beautifully written and beautifully illustrated, what a magical book!

If you have a daughter in your household or girls in your elementary class, Diva Magic belongs on your shelf!

Dawn of the Elite.jpg

Dawn of the Elite - Andrea Barringer

“Twins across many galaxies have a bond that is quite unique…”

The Queen of Brennen has given birth to a twin boy and girl. What would normally be a joyous occasion is turned into terror when the notorious murderer, Rancor, escapes from prison with the promise to kill the twins and end the royal family’s line forever. To protect her children, the queen forms a special group charged with protecting the royal family at any cost, a group known as The Elite. 

This remarkable and intense sci-fi thriller written by Andrea Barringer brings several fascinating and lovable characters together as they fight to protect those they love. A skilled trauma nurse, Rayah, must confront past pains, struggles, and even old love in order to protect her people. She soon finds that she can’t trust everyone, perhaps even her own queen.

Action, suspense, and a touch of romance blend perfectly together to create a world of fascination and excitement in Dawn of the Elite. 

Author Andrea Barringer skillfully creates a world that is filled with a rich culture and vivid characters. 

Once you open to page one of Dawn of the Elite, you will be a part of its world forever.

Crazy Jungle.jpg

Crazy Jungle - Dr. Haytham Ragab

Crazy Jungle is a wild story with even wilder characters! 

Dr. Haytham Ragab’s Crazy Jungle (Leo & Pala) plants readers in the middle of the African Savannah as something strange is happening. An alchemist’s powder in Golden Lake is not only turning the water into actual gold, but is transforming all of the animals that encounter it. 

Pala the Impala grows fangs and claws, Leo the Lion awakes to a bunny tail and ears, and Losalo the Catfish discovers that he and his kingdom are suddenly more frog than catfish. These three unlikely companions band together to solve their mutual dilemma, guided only by Pala’s dream. 

Young readers will enjoy their journey alongside Pala the Impala, Leo the Lion and Losalo, King of the Catfish as they search for answers and seek help to return to their normal bodies. In Crazy Jungle, you never know what will happen next.

Author Dr. Haytham Ragab has skillfully crafted a fun and unique tale that your child is sure to love!

With interesting characters, short chapters, a direct and purposeful plot, and occasional illustrations, Crazy Jungle is a great read for older elementary school readers. 


Raising Chickens for Beginners - O. Banks

It has been many people’s dream to leave city life and enjoy the peaceful opportunities of a country home; opportunities like raising chickens. Such an appealing task comes with a lot of questions, which are thoroughly answered in Raising Chickens for Beginners. 

Author O. Banks provides a wealth of information in an easy-to-understand format for anyone who is considering raising chickens. Beginning with initial considerations including space, laws and ordinances, and health considerations, Raising Chickens for Beginners will answer all of the “what ifs” for making a decision as to whether or not raising chickens is right for you.

If you decide to move forward with raising backyard chickens, Raising Chickens for Beginners will have all of the information you need, including setup and structure, feed, breeds of chickens, cleaning, health considerations, weather, how to handle eggs, and much more. 

Raising Chickens for Beginners by O. Banks is a succinct guide that all new and prospective chicken owners need to keep handy!

As O. Banks states, “When you embark on the fascinating journey of raising backyard chickens, you will discover this hobby is not only fruitful and lots of entertainment, it’s also a great learning curve for the kids and family.” So don’t delay, and get this short but complete guide today and start your journey!

Career Shape.jpg

Get your Career in SHAPE - Candace Steele Flippin

Five Stars!

Get Your Career in SHAPE: A five-step guide to achieve the success you need, want and deserve by Dr. Candace Steele Flippin encourages and educates women across all ages, experience levels, and socioeconomic backgrounds to perform and succeed in their chosen career paths. 

Filled with both research and anecdotal evidence, Dr. Steele Flippin outlines the problems facing women in the workforce and how what can be seen as roadblocks to success can be overcome. While acknowledging institutional impediments, Dr. Steele Flippin also discusses how women can be their own worst enemies when it comes to starting and advancing their careers. Dr. Steele Flippin proposes a five-step process (SHAPE) to help women of all ages gain self efficacy, confidence, and success in the workplace. 

Get Your Career in SHAPE is a must read for working women of all ages and professions - a true guide to earning the success that you have been working so hard for. 

It’s time to break out of the rut and get access to the vision you have for your career. Dr. Steele Flippin expertly inspires and motivates with her system that makes career success attainable to anyone. 

Whether you are just starting your career, or have been at it for decades, Dr. Steele Flippin has cultivated a system that applies across the board to women of any generation, in any career field. 

Get your Career in SHAPE is a much-needed tool for working women trying to pick up the pieces of the post pandemic world. If you want to drive your career toward true success, then Get your Career in SHAPE is right for you!

Brain Buzzed.jpg

Brain Buzzed - Marlin Cluts

Brain Buzzed: 39 Fascinating, Surprising, Useful Discoveries From Science About How Our Minds Work is a succinct work of non-fiction by author Marlin Cluts that provides a realistic and comprehendible look at the human mind. Humans are thrilled and entertained by “mind tricks” and strategies designed to stimulate our brains. Unlike other books of this nature, Cluts goes far beyond the surface and explains the “why” behind the way our brain operates, giving us a chance to better understand and improve our minds.

Brain Buzzed is well researched, clear and understandable, and exciting to read. I couldn’t put it down once I started!

Cluts begins by stating “I am not a neurosurgeon”, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by the clear passion and understanding poured into this book. The best part, Brain Buzzed is easy to understand and exciting to read. I found the chapters in this book incredibly relevant and useful, for instance, Chapter 12 discusses why we are more cautious with spending cash as opposed to a credit card. Understanding the “why” behind the things our brain does is incredibly valuable, I strongly recommend Brain Buzzed as both a fun, informative read, and an excellent self-help book for those looking to implement positive change in their life. Get your copy today!

Bones Joseph.jpg

Bones of Joseph - Jeremy Northcote

Jeremy Northcote’s Bones of Joseph defies traditional genre categorization by intertwining aspects of history, religion, atheism, mystery, thriller, action, and adventure. Northcote’s tale is sure to regale and enthrall a wide audience. 

Bones of Joseph follows the plight of Will Thomas, an American religious scholar who is motivated by finding the truth, no matter the cost. With an atheistic leaning, Will searches for the truth in and around Biblical stories and scriptures, including discovering and unveiling historical documents and what they mean to Biblical text. 

Approached by a mysterious rabbi, Will becomes involved in the search for an ancient relic, the famed bones of Joseph, much to the ire of various religious groups and government entities. This could be the biggest moment in Will’s career, an unprecedented finding that could change history forever. What follows is an action-packed adventure full of twists, turns, and compelling characters. 

With an interesting and complex plot, Bones of Joseph carries wide appeal that readers of all genres will enjoy. Bones of Joseph is a modern-day classic packed with intrigue, action, and relatable characters. Jeremy Northcote skillfully weaves together an intricate plot that inspires thought, and leaves the reader turning page after page.

Move over Indiana Jones, and make room for Bones of Joseph.


Bitcoin Answered - Alan John & Jon Law

A comprehensive breakdown and analysis of bitcoin from start to finish!

Bitcoin: Answered is a complete breakdown of bitcoin. It explains what it is, where it came from, how you can invest, how trading works, and more, all in a clear and understandable manner. 

Investing can be tricky, but authors Jon Law and Alan John teach what is or is not a safe investment to make. Everything you need to know about bitcoin is in this one book.

Bitcoin: Answered is extremely clear, breaking down difficult concepts into bite-sized chunks. Whether you are just learning about bitcoin or are looking to expand your knowledge, this book is essential for those looking to utilize and profit from bitcoin.

From the origins of bitcoin to mining and trading concepts, Law and John teach it all. Most importantly, they teach how to utilize bitcoin safely - with consideration to making more sound and stable investments and trades.

If you have always wondered about bitcoin but never fully understood it, Bitcoin Answered - A Beginner’s Guide to Everything Bitcoin is a must-read! 

Don’t delay on your opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency, but make sure you do it the right way - with Bitcoin: Answered.

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